Who is the People of Praise? 

People of Praise is a charismatic Christian community. People of Praise, MN aka."Servant Branch" is one of 21 branches in the US plus Canada, Grenada & Jamaica. We admire the first Christians who were led by the Holy Spirit to form a community. Those early believers put their lives and their possessions in common, and "there were no needy persons among them." 

Jesus desires unity for all people. We live out this unity the best we can, in spite of the divisions within Christianity. We are Roman Catholics, Lutherans, Episcopalians, Methodists, Pentecostals, Presbyterians and other denominational and nondenominational Christians.

Despite our differences, we are bound together by our Christian baptism. Despite our differences, we worship together. While remaining faithful members of our own churches, we have found a way to live our daily lives together.  LEARN MORE >

People of Praise MN Ministries

Servant Camp
Whether it is playing, singing, sitting around the campfire, laughing, catching frogs, swimming or climbing, Jesus Christ is seen in everything at Servant Camp!  It’s all about friendship with Him and one another.

A week long camp serving children entering 1st-12th grade

2024 July  28 - Aug 2

Trinity School at River Ridge 

An independent Christian school serving students from the greater Twin Cities area in grades six through twelve. 
Located in Eagan, Minnesota,
Trinity Schools, Inc. are also located in South Bend, IN &
Falls Church, Virginia

Marriage in Christ

Let God Be Present to You As a Couple!
 Every individual and every couple needs God to love them. For love is a shared work between God and us. Our work is to open our hearts wide to God. When we do so he transforms our humanity


The Action program of the People of Praise sends teams of high school students and adults to serve for a week or two each summer. This year will be in Oregon, Minnesota, New York and Louisiana. Past years we served also in Louisiana and Indiana. Action members serve the neighbors through a variety of projects including home-repair, landscaping, gardening and running day camps for neighborhood children.  
 During the school year, we meet in both small groups and larger gatherings to serve and praise God  

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601 River Ridge Parkway

Eagan, MN 55121


Office Hours:

Monday - Friday 

8 am - 5 pm